7 Home Jobs That You Can Explore This Year ...


7 Home Jobs That You Can Explore This Year ...
7 Home Jobs That You Can Explore This Year ...

If you’re a mom who wants to spend as much time with her kids as possible but still would like to pursue some sort of career, you need a home based job. Thankfully there are a number of ideas that can get you started so all you need to do is figure out what you like to do. Here are 7 home jobs that you can explore this year.

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Freelance Writing

If you have always liked writing then freelance writing is a wonderful idea. You can start a blog, work for a newspaper or magazine or take up web content writing. You can work completely from home utilizing any free time you have when your kids are asleep or at school to develop your work. It is a mentally stimulating activity, which allows you to pursue something you are good at.


Chocolate Truffle Making

Making chocolate truffles is an excellent hobby that you can convert into a career. Use the Internet to learn how to make different flavors and then as you get proficient, reach out to supermarkets, flower stores or place a few Internet ads. You will find a ready market if your price is right and packaging attractive.


Catering Service

For those who are efficient in the kitchen, a catering service is a wonderful idea. You can make it as elaborate or simple as you like, including plates, glasses and bearers or just providing food. You can take orders as per your convenience and once you build your clientele, you will find customers constantly returning for more.


Day Care

A day care service is the ideal choice for women who are good with kids. It is also especially useful if you have children of your own. You can run it from your own home but of course will require help, as children need constant supervision. If you are good at what you do, you will find a ready group of parents who will be happy to use your services.


Party Planning

Party planning is fast becoming a wonderful choice for women who are creatively inclined and like being their own boss. People everywhere find it mind boggling and frustrating to put together their children’s birthday parties, baby showers or other events. They more than appreciate the input of a person who does this for a living.

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Kid’s Cab Service

This is a clever idea if you have a vehicle and don’t mind spending your time driving around town. Children have a huge amount of activities, from school, to dance classes, to birthday parties and what not. Many parents find it next to impossible to keep up and would like to enlist the assistance of a kid’s cab service.


Home Store

Setting up a home store maybe in your garage or a medium sized barn on your property can be a wonderful idea to make a little money and keep busy. Pick up artifacts and curios at flea markets or other stores all over the city or even outside. Then sell them in your store for customers in and around your home.

Starting a home based job is easy enough to do if you know what you will enjoy doing. Once you’ve decided, put in the required investment and get started. It is not only financially rewarding but also mentally stimulating.

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