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9 Common Interview Questions and Answers ...

By Aprille

Interviewing for a new job doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. If you can get past the basic questions that are asked during an interview, then the rest should be a piece of cake. Here are 9 common interview questions and answers that are generally given for each one. Of course, the answers will vary from job to job and from person to person. As long as you have established what your personal answers will be to these 9 questions, then your interview should go well.

9 Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Not all potential employers ask this question, but it’s best to be prepared for it anyway. Most people write down a few questions before they head to their interview in case they are asked this question. You don’t have to pull major questions out of thin air to make yourself sound smart or anything like that. Go for basic questions, such as; ‘how long has the company been in business’, ‘who was the company started by’, and any other generic questions you might be able to think of.

8 Are You a Good Team Worker?

Employers usually want to know if they are about to hire someone who doesn’t play well with others. The response to this question is usually, ‘yes’. I doubt very few people actually admit that they would much rather work in solitude than with a group of people who they possibly cannot tolerate. Hopefully if you aren’t a team player, then you won’t be applying for a job that requires you to be one.


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7 How Much Are You Expecting in Pay?

The answer to this question is generally, ‘Whatever the position is paying’. Most employers have a salary attached to a particular job title, so I don’t know why they feel they need to ask this question anyway. I’ve had to fill out applications with this question on it and I tend to write down whatever amount the job was advertised at. If I’m offered more than this amount, then that’s great!

6 What Are Your Weaknesses?

Try not to have a vague answer to this question. I know no one wants to admit that they have weaknesses, but employers really admire employees who can admit their faults and work to improve them. If you know that you have a particular weakness, then state what it is and how you are working to turn your weakness into a strength.

5 What Are Your Strengths?

I never liked this question. I always felt like I would be bragging if I told my future employer what I thought my strengths were. But, I guess if you can prove that they truly are your strengths then that doesn’t make you a bragger. Be sure to write down a list of strengths you have that pertain to the job you are applying for.

4 Why Did You Leave Your Last Place of Employment?

Common answers to this question often include; ‘to gain more experience’, ‘for the chance to better myself’, or ‘to find a better paying job’. Employers also want to find out right away if you were fired or if you chose to leave your last job. If you were fired, then be prepared to explain why, if you are asked.

3 Are You Willing to Work Holidays?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to this question, then most employers are thrilled. Even though they generally have to pay you more for working over the holidays, they are generally excited when they come across a potential employee who is willing to work while everyone else bails.

2 What Qualifies You to Take This Job?

Being able to list your qualifications off the top of your head will be the best way to answer this question sufficiently. Also, your future employer will probably be impressed with the way you jump right in and show him/her what you’ve got.

1 Why Should We Hire You?

If you can blurt out with confidence a long list of legitimate reasons why you should be hired by this person doing the interview, then I’m sure this will help you to be higher on the list of potential people to be hired. Write as many reasons down as you can possibly think of and practice saying them. This is better than reading them off a sheet of paper you have just pulled out of your pocket.

If you are preparing to do a job interview, then these 9 common interview questions and answers might come in handy. Read over them and write down your own responses. This should also make you feel a bit more comfortable during the interviewing process. Have you ever been asked any odd questions during a job interview?

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