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8 Tips on Quitting Your Job Gracefully ...

By Aprille

Everything in life has a positive and a negative side to it. When it comes to resigning from a job, some methods for doing this are considered a bit classier than others. Here are 8 tips on quitting your job gracefully. With the shortage of jobs in today's market, I hope you aren't thinking about resigning anytime soon. However, if you are, then maybe some of these tips will be helpful.

8 Write a Resignation Letter

Putting your resignation in writing adds a bit more formality to the situation. It makes you seem much more professional too. The letter will allow you to clearly state why you are resigning. You can plan out what to say instead of simply blurting things out and having it come out completely wrong. The resignation letter will also be proof that you resigned and weren't fired. It's documentation that you will always have.

7 Leave before Your Situation Turns Ugly

I can't think of anyone who prefers to be remembered in a negative manner. Resigning early in the game will allow you to save face. You can leave your job with friends still on your side and hopefully with little regret. If you wait until things get so bad that you can't wait to get out of there, you might end up making a mistake that you regret later on. Get out while the gettin's good!

6 Be Polite

No matter what happens; be polite. This will make you out to be the good guy, while everyone else is losing it. Hopefully your resignation doesn't turn ugly and involve a lot of rudeness. However, if things go awry, then be as polite as possible to all those who you interact with. I know it's hard to try and talk nicely to someone who's being mean, but do your best. Witnesses who view the situation will have nothing but nice things to say about the way you handled yourself.

5 Do an Exit Interview if It is Offered

Not all jobs have an exit interview to go through. If your job does, then by all means go ahead and make sure you complete one. They are generally very short interviews that include lots of questions. These interviews for leaving a job are often completed by a supervisor of some sort. The questions probe into why you are resigning and giving an honest answer is best. Many businesses use exit interviews to help improve the jobs of their employees.

4 Tell Your Boss You Are Quitting, Instead of Leaving without Saying a Word

Try having a one-on-one conversation with your boss before anyone else has the chance to blab about your resignation. It's also a more mature move on your part to talk things over with your boss and not simply leave work without talking to anyone. If I had employees I know that I'd want to find out why they were interested in resigning. There just might be something that I could do to change their mind about resigning from their position at work. Try to put yourself in your boss' shoes. Think about what it would be like to have an employee walk out of work and not know why.

3 Thank Your Boss

Your current boss provided the position you have held up until now, so why not give thanks to this individual for the employment opportunity you've already had. You don't really know what ties this person has and how certain internal connections might affect your future employment plans. Mind your manners and give thanks for the experience you've already gained. This definitely helps in your plight to leave on good terms.

2 Be Sure to Return Anything That Was on Loan from the Company

The last thing you need is to be accused of stealing company property. Be certain that you've returned all company belongings to whoever is supposed to get them. Even if it is something as small as a staple remover; return it. It's better to return items well before you actually resign, rather than put everything in a cardboard box and leave it sitting on top of the desk on your last day.

1 Don’t Simply Skip out on Work

I don't think it's actually considered to be a formal resignation if you just skip going to work one day and never show your face in the office again. I think this is thought of as blatantly quitting. People who put in a resignation appear to have a bit more class. Don't bale on work, just because you want to. Resign with dignity and make it known that you are resigning. Leave on good terms whenever possible.

These 8 tips on quitting your job gracefully are mostly common sense, especially if you put yourself in your boss' shoes. Coming up with a pleasant way to resign isn't usually high on the list for most people. Many want to quickly cut the ties and get out of there. But, if you quit with your head held high and don't leave everyone hanging out on a limb, then you might even feel better about your decision to quit. What tips do you have for people who are thinking about quitting their job?

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