7 Popular Excuses for Calling into Work ...


7 Popular Excuses for Calling into Work ...
7 Popular Excuses for Calling into Work ...

People come up with the darndest excuses when they are trying to get out of work. Some of the excuses are pretty bad. For example, one time, I had a writer who kept skipping out of work. Eventually, she came up with the excuse that she had died. Except “she” wasn’t e-mailing me, “someone” else was e-mailing me to tell me the news – except they were doing it from her account and the same IP as her and her life on Facebook still marched on. Below, I am going to give you 7 popular excuses for calling into work.

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Throwing up All Night

Throwing up All Night Photo Credit: pkoceres

Yeah, were you really throwing up all night? If you have used this excuse before and it was not true, then shame on you.


Family Member Died

Family Member Died Photo Credit: Niffty..

Shame on you for this one! Have you ever made up a family member and told your boss that they died? If so, then you’re bad for that one.


Kid is Sick

Kid is Sick Photo Credit: The Lost Balloons

Have you ever told your boss you had to stay home and take care of your kid, because they were sick? Yeah, then you get caught as you’re child is running around in the yard and your boss drives by. The kid looks like he/she was doing pretty good.


Got to Take Care of Personal Business

Got to Take Care of Personal Business Photo Credit: just_skizo

Okay, what exactly is this personal business that you are talking about? When you say “personal business,” you make the boss afraid to even ask what that personal business is that you are talking about.


I Have Food Poisoning

I Have Food Poisoning Photo Credit: Dan Anderson

You ate fast food last night and now, you woke up with food poisoning. Yes, you’ve been puking your guts out and sound miserable … until you hang up that phone.


I Had a Bad Night

I Had a Bad Night Photo Credit: sunshine doll

A bad night of sex? A bad night of drinking? A bad night of WHAT? When you say you had a bad night, you know the boss isn’t even going to ask you what happened.


My Tire is Flat

My Tire is Flat Photo Credit: /ltus

The number one reason – I have a flat tire. Okay, then why do you have the SAME tires on that you had the last time you came to work? Hmmm …

Those are 7 popular excuses for calling into work. I’m not making fun of you if you have used these excuses before and they weren’t true. It obviously means you just needed a day off to be lazy. So, how many of you are guilty of this?

Top Photo Credit: Boy_Wonder

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You may not be making fun of them but you sure are making an impersonal "7 list" into a chance to say "shame on you". That you label everyone who has called into work to stay home as "It obviously means you just needed a day off to be lazy" is riddiculously one-sided. Lots of people have called into work for these false reasons, and there are a lot of explanations to why they needed a day off work. "I have to take care of personal" reasons could mean that they had to drive their aging parents to the airport for them to catch a plane instead of letting them fork out big cash for a cab for goodness sake. This is indeed a list of popular excuses for calling into work, calling them bad people for doing it even to have a personal day is something you could have done without.

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