7 Tips on Creating the Perfect Resume ...

Looking for a job can easily become a full-time responsibility. And when writing your resume, you need to craft it appropriately for each open position. There are certain rules, of course: include your updated contact info, make certain it is readable and include the requisite career and education history.

You have to sell yourself on only a sheet (or two) of paper, so here are seven tips to help you create that perfect resume. Does anyone else hear Trump boasting, β€œYou’re hired!”?

1. Personality

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Who wants to be like everyone else? I suppose if you are seeking a certain dress suit required corporate position, then maybe there is a particular β€œstuffy” model (and a severe loss of individuality). But for many industries, showing a bit of personality in your resume is a great way to stand out in the stack. Use design skills if you have them to structure a unique (but readable!) layout, or hire a professional to create a letterhead containing a logo based on your name. Write it as if you are applying to your dream job.

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