8 Alternative Careers for Ex-Politicians ...


8 Alternative Careers for Ex-Politicians ...
8 Alternative Careers for Ex-Politicians ...

With elections coming round every four years or so, careers in politics can be short. After faithfully serving their country (of course), politicians then find themselves unemployed. So what career options are open to them? Here are some suggestions … these are 8 of my ideas for alternative careers for ex-politicians...

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Novelist Photo Credit: Pierre Beteille (Monkeyman)

Let’s face it, they’re used to inventing stories, so it can’t be that big a step to writing novels. They certainly know how to be creative with the facts …


Circus Clown

Circus Clown Photo Credit: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora

Judging from TV coverage of the UK Parliament, there is nothing politicians like more than pulling faces and calling each other silly names. The only thing missing is silly outfits and red noses. So they would make ideal clowns, running around and playing jokes on each other.



Comedians Photo Credit: cloudedsunny

Since the deeds and sayings of politicians already make us laugh (since if we didn’t, we’d cry), comedy is an ideal career move. If they did stand-up, it would afford a perfect opportunity for disgruntled voters to get their own back – after all, heckling is positively expected at comedy shows …


Personal Shoppers

Personal Shoppers Photo Credit: thinkretail

With their expense accounts and allowances, politicians love spending other people’s money. They’d make ideal personal shoppers for the rich, as money would be no object, and they could enjoy shopping without having to open their own wallets.



This is the perfect opportunity for ex-politicians to continue their work of attempting to ruin the country and the economy. Besides, it’s rhyming slang for something not very polite …


Pop Stars

No matter if they have talent or not, since many successful ‘singers’ are pretty much lacking in that department. These days, most politicians are in it for their own ego and not for public service, so by going into singing they can continue showing off on stage.



This would be a great career choice for one very simple reason – they already know how to cook the books …


Customer Service Agents

Customer Service Agents Photo Credit: ibmphoto24

Ever suffered the frustration of trying to get help from a call centre? Politicians never give us what we want, so they would love working in a call centre and completely failing to solve the customer’s problem.

Can you think up some other jobs for ex-politicians? Has there ever been one that you actually liked, or do you think they are all useless?

Top Photo Credit: Jenn and Tony Bot

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