7 Most Uncommon Jobs ...


7 Most Uncommon Jobs ...
7 Most Uncommon Jobs ...

Some jobs are more difficult than others, some jobs are dirtier than others and some jobs are weirder than others. This latter category involves some really strange tasks, tasks you never thought people get paid to complete, task that are, despite being weird, very necessary. So, before you get all depressed over your career choices, think about those who make their living out of doing some of the most uncommon jobs ever. The list of those jobs runs pretty long so, if you don’t like long texts and desperately need something to convince you your job isn’t so bad, I suggest you take a look at this 7 most uncommon jobs I’ve selected for you today:

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Armpit Sniffer

You think your job sucks? Well, try telling that to an armpit sniffer! Believe it or not, some people actually make a living out of smelling other people’s armpits, although I doubt this is the actual job title, I mean, it has to be something fancier like “product tester”… Anyway, an armpit sniffer works for a cosmetic company and has to smell armpits in order to determine the effects of a new deodorant. So, next time you feel like bragging about your favorite anti-perspirant, have in mind that somewhere out there, there is a person who had to smell a lot of stinky armpits in order to help the company come up with a solution that works.


Pet Food Taster

Eager for more? Well, here’s one that definitely falls into the category of most uncommon jobs, if not ever, than at least for the time being. Pet food taster has to eat the food created for your pet and report on how well or poor its taste really is. If the taste is terrible then it’s “back to the drawing board” for the company – if it tastes good, it will soon find its way onto the shelves, into your home and your pet’s food bowl.


Chicken Sexer

It has very little to do with sex but it still is one of the most uncommon jobs I’ve ever heard of! Chicken Sexers actually inspect baby chickens and their genitals in order to figure out which ones are males and which ones are females. Now, as strange as it sounds, this is a very responsible job because baby chickens must be categorized and every Chicken Sexer must fill out a report.


Bad Breath Tester

By now, you’re probably thinking about how much you actually like your job – Don’t you? Well, I have more interesting things to add to this list and, when I’m finished, I bet you’ll love your job even more. Next one on my list of the most uncommon jobs is, of course, the one that involves smelling bad breaths, a job only the ones with strong stomachs can handle. Let’s say a company comes up with a brand new chewing gum! What better way is there to test it then to pay people to stick their noses into other people’s smelly mouth? Well… hope the money is good…


Whiskey Ambassador

This job probably won’t help the love for your existing job grow, but is sure worth mentioning. Whiskey Ambassadors make their living out of tasting different brands of whiskeys, choosing only the finest ones and sharing that skill with their respected (and probably filthy rich) clients. Can I sign up? Oh… wait… I forgot… you actually have to like whiskey and know a lot about it… Shoot!


Condom Tester

Sounds like a dream job, boys? I’d keep my day job if I were you because being a condom tester definitely sounds better than it actually is. It’s a demanding, hard job that requires a lot of effort, some stretching and an ability to keep a steady pace… Still hoping you’ll find your place in Durex testing team? Well, knock yourself out then – you’ll get a machine to work on and spend your days stretching condoms on it. Told you it’s not interesting at all.


Gross Stunt Tester

If you’re a big “Survivor” fan then you definitely love all the challenges and know that some of them involve really gross stuff like eating worms or a cockroaches. Now, what you probably don’t know is that each one of those “delicious treats” must be tested first in order to avoid any lawsuits. Yup, kings had food tasters all set and ready to eat poisoned food and our favorite reality TV stars have gross stunt testers ready to nibble that fat cockroach. You won’t see me e-mailing my CV, that’s for sure!

Now aren’t these the most uncommon jobs you’ve ever heard of? See, told you our everyday jobs are nothing compared to these! I’d love to know what you think about these so feel free to comment.

Top Photo Credit: olceoktavia.com


Gross Stunt Tester is an uncommon job that involves testing food, drinks, and other items that may be used in stunts or challenges in reality TV shows. This job is important in order to make sure that the contestants are not exposed to any health risks or put in danger. The Gross Stunt Tester must be willing to try out the food, drinks, and other items to make sure that they are safe for the contestants.

The Gross Stunt Tester must also be aware of any potential legal issues that could arise from the stunts or challenges. They must be able to identify any potential hazards and make sure that the contestants are not exposed to them. Additionally, the Gross Stunt Tester must be able to detect any potential allergies or other sensitivities that could be affected by the items being tested.

The Gross Stunt Tester must have a strong stomach and be able to handle eating or drinking items that may be unpleasant or even dangerous. They must also be able to handle the physical demands of the job, such as standing for long periods of time or performing stunts.

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