8 Qualities of a Good Employee ...


8 Qualities of a Good Employee ...
8 Qualities of a Good Employee ...

I’m by no means an employer of anyone, but I think if I was I’d take the following list into consideration when deciding whom to hire to work for me. Here are 8 qualities of a good employee that I would look for in a person. See what you think of my list and feel free to add anything else you would look for in an employee.

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I find that optimistic people often get more done with less complaining. They seem to be able to find the bright side of most things and they are enjoyable to be around. I’d much rather work with a group of individuals who were optimistic than a group of pessimists. I’m not saying that pessimistic people are bad workers. I’m just saying that I’d rather not be around a Negative Nancy if I can help it.



What employer doesn’t want an honest worker? I think honesty is a quality that any employer would be thrilled to find among their staff members. If I ask a person’s opinion, I’d like the answer to be an honest one. Employers don’t want things sugar coated when they are trying to figure out how to make things better, whether they are working on a product, providing a service, or deciding on what changes need to be made around the workplace.


Self- Motivated

This might be more important for an employer who needs staff to work on their own. Some employers need employees who can see what needs to be done and do it without being told.


Pays Attention to Detail

Jobs that require employees to find flaws in the products they make need to have people who look closely at each item. When an employee notices right away that something needs to be fixed, this saves the employer a lot of money that would have been wasted. Making alterations to create a better product helps benefit everyone involved and it’s much easier than waiting for customers to complain about the noticeable flaw instead.



Employees that are respectful towards peers and an employer tend to be more desirable for hiring than those who are rude. If an employee is respectful, then others tend to respect that person. There are times when this isn’t a two-way street like it should be, but I find that respect is desired among the staff members in most businesses.



Showing up on time ensures employees a full day of work and employers find this to be a very reassuring quality among their employees. If everyone were to start showing up when they felt like it, I don’t think much would get done. I know I’d like my staff members to show up on time if I were an employer.



I enjoy asking someone to do something and knowing I won’t have to ask again. This is how I think of the word ‘trustworthy’. I like knowing I can depend on someone to help me out, which is what employers are paying their employees to do.


Doesn’t Initiate Gossip

Gossip can be a horrible thing. Bosses don’t want their staff members engaging in malicious gossip all day long. This tends to raise tension among the employees and cause people to become extremely angry with one another. If everyone is mad at each other, then nothing will get done!

If you are an employer, please share what qualities you look for in a person you are about to hire. Out of these 8 qualities of a good employee, which one do you think should be number one?

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This is why i keep a low profile while i am at work..................i work for the government. don't get me wrong, i like what i do, it's the people around me that make it less fun. it's like high school, in that colleagues contradict all of the above etiquette. So, if you're looking for a job, i would go with the private sector. my 2 cents

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