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7 Ways to Grow Closer to Someone You Love ...

By Jordin

With the hectic, busy schedules we have today, it’s no wonder that divorce rates are so high. It seems to be increasingly harder to find time to fit the people dearest to you into your life. Don’t be one of the statistics! Here are 7 ways to grow closer to someone you love, be it husband, parent, child or friend.

1 Pick up the Phone

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Sometimes all it takes is a five-minute phone call to let someone know you’re thinking about him or her and hope they are having a good day. Especially if you know they are having a stressful week or have a lot on their mind, let them know you are there and you love them. Make it a weekly habit to do this and watch your relationship grow!

2 Get Physical

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Don’t forget that the world’s most powerful language is touch. Touch can do amazing things. It can calm you, comfort you and assure you. Hug and kiss often, as well as cuddling when the opportunity arises. As you’re driving down the road, stroke your partner’s arm. Come up behind your child while they are doing homework and rest your hands on their shoulders and kiss the top of their head. Reach out and touch a friend’s arm as you communicate with her. Get touchy!

3 Share Things

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Be as unselfish as you can be. Share feelings; discuss opinions and views on certain subjects with whomever you desire to grow closer to. Share items of clothing such as hoodies or t-shirts. Share your drink or bag of chips. Share your car or your shoes. Whatever you have to share, be willing to share it!

4 Be a Good Listener

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In relationships of any kind, it’s important to talk, but it’s also important to listen. Don’t over analyze or break down things that people tell you, but always be on the lookout for underlying messages or signals that someone may be trying to send you. Pay attention to body language and facial expressions as well as voice tones. Above all, offer understanding and love towards any situation that a loved one comes to you with.

5 Do Things You Know He/She Likes

Do Things You Know He/She LikesPhoto Credit: seasidevacationhomes

If your daughter loves Barbie, pick up the newest one when it’s on sale. If your son loves chocolate chip cookies, bake him up a batch. If your mom has arthritis, offer to massage her hands. Bring your hubby a drink when he’s thirsty. Do things for people for no reason other than to let them know you love them!

6 Work on Your Mindset

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Whatever you think about most, whatever is constantly on your mind is what your priorities will be. Try to remind yourself to let your mind dwell more on the people you love instead of your job or the errands you still need to run. When you talk about or to your husband or boyfriend, say “ours”, “we”, and “us”. Remember to think of yourself as a couple and not individuals and you will start feeling that way again!

7 Make an Effort

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Don’t assume that your relationships to loved ones will simply cultivate themselves or just “happen”. If you don’t express an interest in something, it will eventually wane off and die away. Make sure that doesn’t happen! Plan family nights, date nights and shopping trips in respect to all the important people in your life. Be there for them and they will be there for you!

Some things in life are replaceable. Things like homes, jobs, cars, and positions. But things like memories, family, and friends are priceless and irreplaceable so make sure you preserve yours!

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