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The Truth behind a Good Marriage ...

By Melissa

Having a great and satisfying marriage**** is not impossible although it may seem so with the every increasing divorce rate (read Madonna vs. Guy Ritchie). The truth is marriage is less about being a good match and everything to do with work. Marriage is work. Not hard work or bad work, not even boring tedious work, just a daily commitment to one another.

In a marriage men and women have different needs and roles. It is up the couple to mark those roles and discuss what they need from the other. Until you make it clear what it is you need and what your partner needs (read 10 Signs that Show He’s Ready to Commit!), you are swimming against the current.

Typically a woman’s needs are more emotional and less concrete, where as man’s needs are physical. She wants reassurance and mental stimulation and he wants some one to be active in his hobbies and share his interest. A couple becomes unhappy and unstable when needs are being met. (read How to Make Your Marriage Affair-Proof) These needs will then be met by someone else. Do you really want someone else meeting the top need of your man? I’m not just talking about sex either. His needs could be a number of things.

Of course none of this information is not handed out at the alter. It’s something you come to learn over time. The work comes from making sure you are the one **meeting your spouse’s needs **and in return **your needs will be met **too (read Living Together and Loving It …).

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