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Living Together and Loving It ...

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**By Monica Rodriguez **

Are you 30+ and have a significant other, with no rush plans to marry? Do your friends and family think there is something wrong because you are not stressing about the ring that has not been purchased, much less have the plans for the kids that may or may never happen. Could it be that more adults are learning from each others mistakes or simply plan to take a different route and choose to live with someone "forever" instead of having to say "I do" because it is what society or grandma wants.

Well, I know from experience that marriage is not always the best for everyone, yet everyday people are getting engaged, planning the big wedding, signing up for "forever" and not even close to really knowing if they truly love that person they are ready to commit to, or if they only love the idea. For many cultures marriage is something that one must do in order to be accomplished. However, because many take the next step without really knowing who they are and what they are really looking for in a partner,** they end up in a bitter relationship** because they married out of pressure.

Many people, think that marriage has to be the next step, and for some people it is, but don't live your life focused on what everyone else is doing or what you think your partner wants, focus on what is right for you now. So you choose to "live together and love it" or if you are both ready for marriage and all that it includes, then by all means have the ceremony and celebration that joins the two of you. But always remember that marriage, the wedding plans, your life, should always be about both of you.

As for me I am 35 years old and in a 4 year relationship and we are living together and loving it…

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