4 Coachella Couples Spreading Love and Music ...

If you live anywhere near Indio, California, you owe it to yourself to experience Coachella every year. And bring your boy with you to have the perfect amount of love and music during the whole festival. Because California is not exactly one ride away from where I am, I stick to living vicariously through the many celeb photos I see during the 3-day event. This year, here are 4 celebrity couples out and about at the festival:

1. Kate and Alex

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Okay, I have no idea when this "couplehood" happened. Some people say that they saw this coming and that it's just a publicity stunt. They do have a moving coming out. I say, let's take the many photos of them together over at Coachella as a sign that they could really be together. They don't have to be together for love or anything, you know. Kate could have been with Alex for the convenient shoulder-riding factor for all we know. With that said, riding someone's shoulder at an event like this is just rude.

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