5 Juicy Gossip from Hollywoodland ...


5 Juicy Gossip from Hollywoodland ...
5 Juicy Gossip from Hollywoodland ...

So I'm back with my little list of juicy Hollywood news. I love checking out celebrity blogs, as you probably already know. So here are some fun-slash-strange gossip I've found recently. I know that I should have included some new photos of the making of an exciting NY and sex-related movie, but I will reserve those for an upcoming post.

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Aubrey O'Day Worked with Fidel Castro?

All right, this woman is just plain ridiculous. First of all, she dresses the way she does. Secondly, she says the strangest things. Here she is saying that she thinks Fidel Castro is a great man. She came into this conclusion when she "worked" with him. I say, huh? Oh, she also said that Hitler is an okay guy.


Kelly Osbourne, Vicodin, and Love

Kelly Osbourne, Vicodin, and Love I love Kelly Osbourne's no-nonsense attitude but it's a little sad that she's had to go through a lot of horrible things at such a young age. This post shows a little confession about how she got addicted to Vicodin and that how her boyfriend gave her a second chance at life. Has anyone read her autobiography?


Do You Recognize This Guy?

Do You Recognize This Guy? I admit that I used to find Kevin Federline cute. His fashion was not my type but he had an okay face. But here he isand I cannot understand why he would let go of his health like he did. Rumors say that he is bulking up to get a weight-loss deal. Interesting.


Halle Berry Might Be Pregnant

Halle Berry Might Be Pregnant Now this is one happy news. Nahla is beautiful and I bet the younger sibling will be just as adorable. I cannot wait to see Halle show her baby bump in her cute maternity fashion. I remember that she dressed up very well during her first pregnancy and it's always nice to see fashionable pregnant women.


Madonna "Celebration" Video

Here is Madonna's video of Celebration. It features her current boytoy, Jesus, and her daughter, Lourdes. All I can say is that Lourdes looks very cute. We might have ourselves a future pop star here. What do you think of the video?

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