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By Meream

Do you know what it feels like to be young and earning millions? To be a young adult that already has been to all glamorous places on Earth and has worn clothes worth more than the average Joe earns in a year? To still have the beauty of youth but all the experiences a retiree would envy? Sounds delightful but not everyone in young Hollywood are on the right track. They're young, they make mistakes. Some, however, remain an inspiration.

1 Evan Rachel Wood and True Blood

Evan Rachel Wood and True BloodI love this show and I sad that it will be ending soon. But I am also happy that I finally get to meet Queen Sophie-Ann. When I heard that they cast Evan Rachel for the role, I was happy as well. I love her face and I think her looks are perfect to play the queen. Read this post to see what she thinks of her role.

2 Mischa Barton and Her Recent Problems

Mischa Barton and Her Recent ProblemsThis interview is a bit heartbreaking. It seems that this young star is still lost and needs all the guidance that she needs. Let's all hope that she finds her anchor soon. She's a good actress and she can still shine if she gets all the help she needs.


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3 Lindsay Lohan and Her Robbers

Lindsay Lohan and Her RobbersCould Lindsay have robbed her own place to get attention? There is a surviellance tape of some people during the criminal act. Some bloggers think that she robbed her own place. I cannot say for certain if it is really her because the screen captures are grainy. Still, there is a bit of a resemblance. Judge for yourself.

4 Ed Westwick and His Sexual Orientation

Ed Westwick and His Sexual OrientationWell, HIS sexual orientation is an old issue that he has made clear over and over again. But on their show, Gossip Girls, it seems that Chuck will have to take a taste of his own kind during an upcoming episode. Of course, he will have to do it for Blair, that conniving little fashionista.

5 Avril Lavigne and Her Marriage

Avril Lavigne and Her MarriageOr what's left of it. Rumors say that Avril and her husband, Deryk Whibley, are divorcing. Avril has been seen partying all over the place with boys while Deryk has been doing his own thing by his lonesome. This is sad but I think that Avril married young. A certain maturity is needed for a marriage to work. And I don't think that a singer who sings the songs she does is mature.
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