7 Celebrities Who Got Married Far Too Young ...

Have you ever wondered what the average age to get married at is? According to recent studies, most women are aged 26 when they tie the knot, and their partners just slightly older. And marrying under twenty makes you three times more likely to get divorced...which someone definitely needs to tell these celebs!

1. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

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Photo Credit: MobyDee

Jess and Nick seemed like a match made in heaven, and MTV viewers loved watching them together in their TV series. It didn’t make it passed the ‘Newlyweds’ stage, though, despite the couple looking perfect for each other. Jess was 22 when they tied the knot, and they divorced just three years later, with Nick moving on within weeks. I really felt for these two...I thought they were a fairytale couple in the making!

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