6 Hottest Guys from Video Games ...


6 Hottest Guys from Video Games ...
6 Hottest Guys from Video Games ...

Cloud is a pretty good looking character that plays in the Final Fantasy series. Come on, you don’t know what Final Fantasy is? Then you must not be a gamer! Look at the picture I have included of Cloud and tell me he doesn’t look good. Did I mention that cloud has a really wide, cool looking sword called the Buster Sword?

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Altaïr Photo Credit: The PS3 Corner

Altaïr is a character in Assassin’s Creed. I like playing Assassin’s Creed, but it’s not so much for the way the character looks. I just thought I would include him on this blog, because I’m sure many girls would like him.



Nero Photo Credit: Dr Fausto

Nero is from Devil May Cry 4. With Nero, you will be able to unleash some awesome attacks and non-stop combos.


Gabriel Belmont

Gabriel Belmont Photo Credit: Gamer_Indepth

Gabriel Belmont is the guy in the new Castlevania that just came out. Castlevania: Lord of Shadow. If you are a Castlevania fan and you like playing as a guy, then this would be a pretty good game to play.



Sephiroth Photo Credit: Mansairaku

This is another character from Final Fantasy that does not look that bad. Who here is going to agree with me on this one? This character really kicks butt and did I mention that is sword is really long?


Leon Kennedy

Leon Kennedy Photo Credit: BioHaZaRD 93

Leon Kennedy is a character from the Resident Evil series. In Resident Evil 2, he is the main protagonist. He is the new police officer that arrived at Raccoon City for his first day on the job. During this time, he confronts the T-virus outbreak alone. He returns 6 years later in Resident Evil 4 as a secret agent with the US government.


Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield Photo Credit: Ed Speir IV

Chris Redfield is another good player in Resident Evil video game series. In the first Resident Evil game, he is one of the two main protagonists. The other one being Jill Valentine. In Resident Evil: Code Veronica, he returned to rescue his sister, Claire. In Resident Evil 5, he was a main character who works alongside Sheva Alomir.

These are 7 Hottest Guys from Video Games. I am a big video game fan, so I have a whole list of characters, if you would like more. It was hard to stop at just 7 of them! I’m not really hot over video game graphics, but I know some people like to think they’re hot guys. So, which one do you like and wish was real?

Top Photo Credit: neo_cloud_strife777

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well i think that's actually ezio! <3<3<3

I have to agree that Sephiroth is freakin' SEXXXY! I love the style and physical aspect of the way the creator made the character, almost a bit dark and gloomy... =D

isn't that ezio in the picture? not altair? :D i love that game

You need to put soild snake from metal gear solid now there's a sexy man

O.o Where The Hell Is Link?! D:

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