7 Celebs Whose Closets We'd Love to Raid ...

I’m sure that any of us, given the chance, would love to take a look inside the closet of any famous person. But there are a few celebs that stand out on the runway as fashion icons! Those are the few that we are simply dying to dress just like them! You know, the ones who just always look so perfectly put together on any given day. The ones that you want to smack for being so beautiful, but you can’t help adoring them. Here are 7 celebs whose closets we’d love to raid!

1. Victoria Beckham

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Photo Credit: cvrcak1

This mother to 3 is still looking as hot as ever! Anytime you see this lovely face she is chic and classy. And her children dress just as stylishly! You gotta love a whole family of nice dressers, right?

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