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8 Most Insanely Insured Celebrity Body Parts ...

By Aprille

Unlike us ordinary, everyday people celebrities are known to insure the body part or parts that they use the most. Here are 8 most insanely insured celebrity body parts.

8 Bette Davis’s Slender Waist

Bette Davis’s Slender WaistPhoto Credit: cooperscooperday

Bette Davis known for her acting and amazing figure, in particular waist, took out an insurance policy of twenty eight thousand dollars. In comparison to all the others mentioned on this list it does not sound like a lot of money, bear in mind that she would have taken out her policy back in the nineteen thirties. Her policy meant that if she were to put on any weight around the waist then she would receive money for it.

7 America Ferrera’s Smile

America Ferrera’s SmilePhoto Credit: connecticut movie filming

This is quite a puzzling one for me because I have always thought that America Ferrera’s smile needed work, it often appears to be lopsided and looks awkward. However, with that said she has insured her smile for ten million dollars.


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6 Angela Mount’s Taste Buds

Angela Mount’s Taste BudsPhoto Credit: danichro

The British Wine Expert Angela Mount has her taste buds insured for fifteen million dollars. In my opinion this is unbelievable, so if something goes wrong with her taste buds, her income will be affected and she can receive a pay out of that amount of money. My question is, what happens if she catches a cold because we all know that are taste buds play up then?

5 David Beckham’s Seventy Million Dollar Legs

David Beckham’s Seventy Million Dollar LegsPhoto Credit: charlie.kinross

Now David Beckham’s legs are insured for seventy million dollars, however I am sure that many avid soccer fans would probably state that his legs are priceless. He is known for doing amazing tricks with his legs, so much so that a film staring Keira Knightly was released called “Bend It Like Beckham”. If anything were to happen to his legs it would have an enormous effect on his income but at the same time would this really have such an impact on his way of life?

4 Dolly Parton Insured Certain Body Parts for Three Point Eight Million Dollars

Dolly Parton Insured Certain Body Parts for Three Point Eight Million DollarsPhoto Credit: davegolden

Do you really need to think about what body parts Dolly Parton may have insured? I think that most of you would have guessed correctly, it is her voluptuous breasts. She has always been known for being extremely top heavy and many guys for years have been in love with her because of this.

3 The Most Expensive Booty in the World

The Most Expensive Booty in the WorldPhoto Credit: haiyen_eye

Most of you probably do not even have to think about this, Jennifer Lopez’s bum is rumoured to be insured for a staggering three hundred million dollars. In my opinion Jennifer Lopez has an amazing figure and her bottom is a trait that she will always be known for but is it really worth that amount of money?

2 Mariah Carey’s Endlessly Long Legs

Mariah Carey’s Endlessly Long LegsPhoto Credit: BaLLYoOo

In my opinion a singer insuring her legs for one billion dollars is bordering on the ridiculous side. Yes she is known for her legs but surely her voice should be protected, after all she is famous for having a five-octave vocal range which is not common.

1 Tom Jone’s Chest Hair

Tom Jone’s Chest HairPhoto Credit: Thomas Becker

The Welsh singer Tom Jones, who is known for having loads of thick, curly dark chest hair, has insured this hair for seven million dollars. In my opinion this makes number one on the list because it is such a small item and yet worth so much, chest hair can easily fall out too. I guess that where this is his trademark he needs to keep it protected.

There you have 8 most insanely insured celebrity body parts. Sometimes it is unbelievable to think about celebrities spend their money on or what they consider to be important. Have you ever thought about what you would insure if you were famous?

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