8 Craziest Celebrity Stalkers ...

Stalkers go back as long as famous people have been around. There’s always someone who takes admiration a step too far. Being intrigued by someone is one thing, but having an obsession for someone can cause pain in more ways than one. The 8 craziest celebrity stalkers I could find are listed below. Feel free to share any others you’ve heard of that might top this list!

8. Margaret Mary Ray

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This woman was a schizophrenic patient who stalked David Letterman for quite a few years. She wanted to be his lover. Ray even stole Letterman’s Porsche, while she had her 3 year old son with her. When the police pulled her over and questioned her about the Porsche, Ray claimed to be the wife of Letterman and that the child in the car was their son. She also broke into Letterman’s home on multiple occasions. Once, Ray left an empty bottle of whiskey and cookies in Letterman’s foyer. She eventually took her own life in 1998.

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