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I am going to give you 7 worst celebrity dads. I know, who am I to determine whether they are bad dads or not? Perhaps they just had some bad moments and now, have made their way on their list. For those on my list, maybe they can prove me wrong by correcting their mistakes and being good dads. I may be able to look past the others, but it is celebrity dad number 1 on my list that really makes me mad.

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Michael Lohan

Obviously, Lindsay Lohan did not have a good father in her life. He is the one responsible for shoving his young child in the spot lights. He also did no give her the privacy she needed and has leaked various things. Sure, she may be trouble within herself, but Michael Lohan showing up with the paparazzi really does not help things.


Jesse James

He claims to be a family type of guy, but I think his actions speak louder than words. I mean, there he was, while in the process of adopting a child, cheating on his wife, Sandra Bullock.


Joe Jackson

In “Moonwalk,” Michael Jackson finally opened up about the alleged emotional and physical abuse he went through because of Joe Jackson. He recalls his dad sneaking in his room as a child in the middle of a night while wearing a mask. Supposedly, he was trying to teach him a lesson about leaving his window unlocked. I guess this would be a nice way to do it and he probably locked his window every night after this, but some of the other things that were revealed just makes me want to put him on this list of 7 worst celebrity dads.


Alec Baldwin

This guy sent a threatening voice message to his eleven year old daughter, Ireland. Later, the message was made public. He called her a “thoughtless little pig” and then went on a verbally lash out against her mother, Kim Basinger.


David Hasselhoff

He was given legal custody of his two daughters Hayley (14) and Taylor-Ann (17). Sounds good, right? Well, he also has a drinking problem, which his daughter filmed. The video shows him dressed only in a pair of jeans, sprawled out on the floor, eating a burger.


Pete Doherty

I’m not sure what to say about this “dad.” Yes, he has Estile, but, apart from Estile, he has a son from Lisa Moorish. He has revealed that he has another son, which he does not have any contact with. Oh, but his sister sees him, so at least he has some affection from the family.”


Richard Heene

Oh yes, Mr. Balloon Dad, I remember reading about you and watching it on the news as the event was taking place. Do you know how many people you upset with the lie you pulled off? You had people out there searching for this balloon, when your son was hiding away and you KNEW it. What a way to bring your kids up. He taught your kids how to go along with this lie. I am labeling you a “celebrity,” because you sure did gain your minutes of fame while everyone was trying to find your son.

Those are the 7 worst celebrity dads. What about you, which one on this list makes you mad?

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A little off topic...but a week ago or so I heard a caller on a radio show, a guy who admitted that every Sunday for the past two years he allowed his two children to steal and eat whatever food, candy, and drinks they wanted from various grocery stores while they walked around pretending to be shopping. Sort of reminds me of Richard Heene lol

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