7 Bad Celebrity Role Models ...

Ah, the glamorous world of celebrities! Expensive clothes, expensive shoes, nice rides and glamorous parties. These people are famous, they don’t need to be smart. They are rich so they don’t have to be nice. They are expected to look good all the time so they must inject themselves with liters and liters of silicone. But, you know… those procedures hurt so there’s drugs and alcohol to take the pain away. LOL! Now, seriously – what’s wrong with celebrities today? What happened with the time when celebs had to have talent, acts nicely and couldn’t throw random beverages on press representatives? Here take a look at these 7 morally and mentally crippled ones, whose only chance to even come close to a role model is to have their picture put in a magazine next to one:

1. Heidi Montag

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She was really pretty until the decision to become a talking, walking Barbie doll! She did like, what, 10 procedures in a day? 12? Poor girl, I guess the only thing this new, refurbished version of FrankenHeidi doesn’t have is a brain. There’s one good thing about this, thought. If they ever decide to make a female version of Inspector Gadget, I know who’s going to get the role.

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