7 Bad Celebrity Role Models ...


7 Bad Celebrity Role Models ...
7 Bad Celebrity Role Models ...

Ah, the glamorous world of celebrities! Expensive clothes, expensive shoes, nice rides and glamorous parties. These people are famous, they don’t need to be smart. They are rich so they don’t have to be nice. They are expected to look good all the time so they must inject themselves with liters and liters of silicone. But, you know… those procedures hurt so there’s drugs and alcohol to take the pain away. LOL! Now, seriously – what’s wrong with celebrities today? What happened with the time when celebs had to have talent, acts nicely and couldn’t throw random beverages on press representatives? Here take a look at these 7 morally and mentally crippled ones, whose only chance to even come close to a role model is to have their picture put in a magazine next to one:

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Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

She was really pretty until the decision to become a talking, walking Barbie doll! She did like, what, 10 procedures in a day? 12? Poor girl, I guess the only thing this new, refurbished version of FrankenHeidi doesn’t have is a brain. There’s one good thing about this, thought. If they ever decide to make a female version of Inspector Gadget, I know who’s going to get the role.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Image source: evilbeetgossip.film.com

Long, long time ago, she used to be an actress. And a pretty decent one, if I may add. Today, LiLo is nothing more than a train wreck, a perfect example of something you don’t want to become. She had problems, I know but how come these celebrity kids always end up with some terrible problems? Huh? They can at least afford a therapist and a rehab – what’s going to happen with troubled teens who see her drunk and stoned and start thinking it’s a logical way to solve problems?


She took an early lead in films like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, which made her the teen idol of her time. Yet now, she's more famous for courtroom dramas than box office hits. Her sob stories and scandals have overshadowed her once-promising career, splashed across tabloids more than any movie poster. It's the classic Hollywood meltdown detailed in glossy print. And what's worse, her downfall is almost a script for what young fans might believe is normal in the limelight – parties and problems over scripts and successes. A downward spiral, not a role model.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Image source: freehqpictures.com

If stereotyped blonde ever needs a spokesperson, I am going to put my money on Paris. I’ve been trying to find something to like on this girl but there’s absolutely nothing I can point out. Unless pricy shoes and nice clothes count as a quality? Scandals, legal issues, then more scandals followed by more troubles with the law and don’t even get me started on her poor pets! Dogs are not accessories, Paris! You need to lay off partying, drugs, sex tapes and whatnot and focus on developing some more presentable qualities.



Snooki Image source: web.mtvasia.com

I can honestly say I’m not a Jersey Shore fan – I’ve watched only two episodes and in Snooki was in bed with a guy in both of them. However, that’s not the only time I’ve seen this horny munchkin in action. I also saw her nudie pictures on the internet and maybe a ton of others showing her and some guy she met on Facebook ( I think) swapping spit in front of a wide auditory. I like her pouf, though, but that’s pretty much the only thing to like.


Chris Brown

Chris Brown Image source: zastavki.com

I totally hate this woman beater and I’m really happy his career went downhill. You can’t hit Rihanna and expect to get away with it. Nobody deserves to get away with any form of violence and a woman-beating celebrity just sends a bad message to everybody. After all, if Chris Brown is allowed to lose temper, hit on his girl and then sing her love songs to make it better, why a norm


Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Image source: idolator.com

The first thing I thought when I saw Amy Winehouse was, “Great, another crack whore, that’s just what we need.” I mean, come on, she wasn’t even normal to begin with. A waste of great singing voice, that’s all I have to say about her.


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson Image source: rabstol.ru

Pam is like a pioneer of whorishness and she refuses to let is forget that even now, two decades AFTER her shiny star has extinguished. I know she’s not exactly a new celebrity but that’s exactly the point! She was one of the first ones to star in a “private” video and I actually believe that Baywatch swimsuit is one of her least revealing outfits. Thank god men don’t consider her a sex symbol any more.

Sorry if I have talked trash about a celebrity you like. This is just my opinion so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Are there any celebs you would like to add to the list?

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The person who made this up doesn't have to be so mean just calm down

Celebrities should only sing and act. When they open their mouths, they sound like idiots because everything is put under spot light.

I agree in all of these. But I think I know where this attitude comes from. First Lindsey Lohan and almost all celebrities that start too young get into bad examples and into so much trouble so people stop thinking of them as little girls, some fall faster than others like Miley Cyrus (who I would add to this list) she started less than five years ago and she's already a bad example. For other girls like Paris, Heidi 2.0 and Snooki, that don't have enough talent to sing or act scandals are the only way to be famous, wich is totally sad in my opinion. I have to disagree with your opinion about Amy Winehouse, I know she is not a good role model but she can sing really really good, I don't think she is a waste of singing voice. She doesn't want to be a role model, she doesn't want to be someone to be looked up to, and she is not. She is in the media for the music and I think that's great, but I'm not saying that she doesn't have problems.

Isn't it spelled Perez?

None of the enlisted are my favourites. So I am not going to correct you here. I am with you on this.

Why do we assume celebrities as role models anyways? They expose teenagers and children to inappropriate behavior, only because they were exposed to inappropriate behavior as well, and they are exploited by the media so everyone sees their inappropriate behavior. But honestly, who hasn't had a rough time in their lives at some point or another? No, I never had a struggle with Crack Addiction, but that is why look at other human beings as typical, human beings subject to dilemmas like anyone else. I wish you could stop using the word "whore" though; is it really necessary? Abusive words that single out women as a minority hurts the status of ALL women, including you.

Mmm.. I can't judge nor blame them. But surely I'm not on their way. Every person has the right to choose how they act and behave. But unfortunately, not every person is wise enough to use their talents and goodness for being a good example in public. That's all.

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