9 Celebrities That Are Not Afraid of Their Curves ...

I can see the comments now – “you’re telling women that it is okay to be overweight.” I am certainly not doing that. However, by showing you 10 celebrities that are not afraid of their curves, I am hoping to get a message across. No matter who you are, no matter what size you are and no matter what you look like, you need to love yourself. Pretty does not always equal being a size zero. You can be a size 25 plus and still be pretty in people’s eyes – let me give you some celebrities that I look up to …

9. America Ferrera

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We know her from Ugly Betty. In reality, she certainly is not Ugly Betty. What I like about her is the confidence she shows with her weight. In 2008, I quote, “We're not all a size 2 and we're not all a size 0, and you know what? That's okay because some of us like to eat.” Yes, that is definitely a celebrity that is not afraid of her curves and I look up to her for this.

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