9 Celebrities That Are Not Afraid of Their Curves ...


9 Celebrities That Are Not Afraid of Their Curves ...
9 Celebrities That Are Not Afraid of Their Curves ...

I can see the comments now – “you’re telling women that it is okay to be overweight.” I am certainly not doing that. However, by showing you 10 celebrities that are not afraid of their curves, I am hoping to get a message across. No matter who you are, no matter what size you are and no matter what you look like, you need to love yourself. Pretty does not always equal being a size zero. You can be a size 25 plus and still be pretty in people’s eyes – let me give you some celebrities that I look up to …

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America Ferrera

Photo Credit: connect.in.com
We know her from Ugly Betty. In reality, she certainly is not Ugly Betty. What I like about her is the confidence she shows with her weight. In 2008, I quote, “We're not all a size 2 and we're not all a size 0, and you know what? That's okay because some of us like to eat.” Yes, that is definitely a celebrity that is not afraid of her curves and I look up to her for this.



Photo Credit: allstarpics.net
Mo’Nique is certainly the type of girl that is not afraid of her curves. She has always claimed that she is fat and fabulous and that is exactly what she is. She told Jet magazine “Let’s be healthy big people.” She has claimed that she shed forty pounds the natural way.


Queen Latifa

Queen Latifa Photo Credit: connect.in.com

Queen Latifa really is something. She has told us that she is certainly not shy about her curves. Do you know what? I don’t blame her for this.


Mia Tyler

Photo Credit: cbsnews.com
This is the daughter of Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell. She does not care what people think about those curves. She makes a great plus-sized model and actress. In fact, during the year 2009, she started her own plus sized line.


Kate Dillon

Photo Credit: cbsnews.com

At the age of 36, Kate Dillon is training for triathlons, modeling and doing yoga. Did we mention that she isn’t afraid of her curves? Now, that is what is interesting in a woman!


Kate Dillon

Kate Dillon Photo Credit: shape magazine

Call her what you want, but she isn’t afraid of curves. At the age of 12, she told People magazine that she was inspired by a TV character who was anorexic to drop weight. The fact that the girl didn’t make it did not scare her off. However, she just couldn’t keep going. She couldn’t keep starving herself. She found a nutritionist and gained weight.


Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Photo Credit: hugewallpaper.com
She is a full-figured woman and she definitely looks good. During the year 2006, she gained thirty pounds. Sure, people talked about her, but she fired right back at them with the words “Kiss my fat A**.”


Crystal Renn

Photo Credit: cbsnews.com

In order to become one of America’s top models, she beat anorexia and she certainly did! She does not believe that thin equals pretty and I like that.


Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Photo Credit: nydailynews.com

She never tried to lose the weight she has on her, because she loves it. She believes that she looks like a woman. She does and I see nothing wrong with her.

There you have 10 celebrities that are not afraid of their curves. There are many more out there. Can you name a couple?

Top image source: chrissyfitness.blogspot.com

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Kate Dillon is there 2wice.....

These are all beautiful woman, no matter what size! But can people stop saying these are 'real woman'? Gosh, I understand the pride for bigger girls but that doesn't mean we should ostersize smaller girls. Smaller woman are real woman too, you shouldn't make comments about them being less of a person just to make one group feel better. -ends rant-

All these are making me feel better about my body

I love America Ferrera and I miss Ugly Betty!

I love when there are some normal celebrities in the world. :}

I saw the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with America Ferrera and just by the look of her, she seems like a really cool person. :)

Whoa I'm a walking skeleton (size 0), Jeez this are real women! Sweet, but Mia is the daughter of Cyrinda Foxe and yes, Steven Tyler.

I want bigger curves anyone kno how to get big curves?

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