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6 Celebrity Tidbits to Sink Your Teeth into...

By Sheila

Isn't it amazing how something's always happening in the magical world of celebrities? The rest of us mortals can only read, marvel and live vicariously through them. So here are 6 celebrity tidbits to help you do just that!

1 Pamela Anderson for Playboy

Former playmate and Playboy legend (oops! Did I make her sound old? Oh well...) Pamela Anderson is all set to re live her glory days by baring it all for Playboy. Don't worry, this time, it's all for a good cause. No, really...

2 Hottest Blondes

Yay! It's list time again! Join us as we rate and rank the hottest blonde celebrities of all time. Don't forget to add your own favorites to the list. You know you want to!


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3 J.T Gone Bald?

Well, not really but he looks mighty fine in a buzz cut look that he's sporting for his new movie I’m.Mortal. Check it out ladies, while I go find me a washcloth. *continues drooling*

4 Ke$Ha's a Cannibal

Although that news wouldn't completely surprise me, I'm only talking about her new EP release Cannibal. I have to admit though that as much as I love this crazy woman, I find her album cover rather boring and uninspiring. Check it out and let me know what you think!

5 Celebrities Go Candid on Twitter

Take a peek into the secret world of celebrities as they go about their daily lives. The Hilton sisters do a little charity, Kylie Minogue spends a little time in Egypt and Eva Longoria comes face to face with her evil twin. I mean her lifeless but equally hot wax self worth a whopping $300000! Phew.

6 Lady Gaga in London!

So you may ask, why this is news worthy and normally, I would say it isn't. But, this time it matters, because I was in London last week and I cannot believe that I missed her by a week! It physically hurts to see pictures of her standing where I stood only a week back. Lady Gaga, I hope you're listening. Please visit this humble fan in India. Pretty please?

And that brings us to an end of the celebrity week that was. Don't forget to share any celebrity tidbits you might have. Also, don't forget to visit for your scoop on all things celebrity! Until next week, keep your eyes and ears wide open!

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