7 Amazing Celebrity Beach Bodies ...


7 Amazing Celebrity Beach Bodies ...
7 Amazing Celebrity Beach Bodies ...

I love the Summer... buying new bikinis and holidaying on the beach is great fun, and so is seeing what the celebs decide to wear. Whether they are holidaying or simply lapping up the Sun near to home, their amazing beach bodies never fail to amaze me... and they make great motivation to start the sit-ups if you haven't bared all yet. Here are my top seven celebs...

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Halle Berry

Halle seduced Pierce Brosnan's Bond when she emerged from the sea in this bright orange swimsuit, showing off her curves and her toned stomach at the same time! The belt instantly updates the bikini, and she looks amazing. It might be from 2002's "Die Another Day," but it's amazing sit-up motivation even now!



Mylene caused a stir with her bikinis in "I'm A Celebrity," and her curves made her a firm favourite with man kind. It even won her a "Marks and Spencers" advertising job! She has a gorgeous hourglass figure... she's naturally curvy, yet she looks toned and gorgeous too. Men and women alike want her body!


Christina Milan

Christina looked amazing on South Beach, Miami. Her gorgeous stripy bikini was right on trend, and really complimented her amazing body. The perfect finishing touch? Her statement jewellery. She looks sexy and girly, and so radiant. Another amazing look for Ms. Milan!


Coleen Mcloughlin

Coleen has been snapped in plenty of bikinis this year, and despite recently giving birth to a baby boy, she looks amazing. She always looks so chilled out... when was the last time you saw a bikini-clad celeb eating tortilla chips?! Coleen has an amazing range of flattering bikinis, and proves that you can look amazing without being on a super-strict diet. Yay!


Cindy Crawford

The catwalk model showed off a body that looked toned to perfection while on holiday with husband Rande Gerber this year... not only does she look completely amazing, but her bikini is super gorgeous too. The subtle leopard print is so pretty, and it's shaped enough to be revealing and still flattering. In short, she looks stunning. Go Cindy!


Cameron Diaz

Cameron loves sports, so it's no surprise she has super-toned abs to show off in the Summer time... I'd die for a stomach like hers! Her bikini this year really looked amazing, though... the white colour perfectly set off her tan, and the simple design played her curves to maximum effect. She once said her biggest celebrity indulgence was a personal trainer... can I have his number?!


Elle Macpherson

Sexy supermodel Elle wasn't nicknamed "The Body" for nothing... and she showed off exactly what earned her her nickname this Summer! I loved her simple beige two piece, accessorized with a straw hat and long necklace. She looks natural, radiant and amazing, and its impossible not to feel jealous. She'd look amazing in anything anywhere, though.... just check out those abs!

Well, I'm certainly feeling motivated to go for an extra run! Just look at these celebs... from the super-skinny to the toned yet curvy, they look amazing and happy too, and I hope I can look as good when I hit the Sun! I'm also on the hunt for a stunning white bikini and Christina's gorgeous stripy number... oh, and Halle's striking ensemble! Spotted a great body I've forgotten? I'd love to see it!

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Inspiring.........I'll hit the gym soon.

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