The Top 20 Best Paid Models in the Industry ...

A tiny waistline, high cheekbones, good skin and a model's strut may be all that it takes to land a modeling contract. But to be a supermodel, you need to have something more than that.

Aside from strutting your stuff on the runway, there are other ways to rake in the cash: branch out to TV ads, TV reality shows, come up with you own line of perfume or clothing - and if you have a pretty eventful life - maybe even a book deal!

Here's a list of the top 20 best paid models in the industry, as ranked by **These supermodels definitely have what it takes to turn their good looks into big bucks! **

20. Filippa Hamilton, 22

Hometown: Paris, France

Swedish-French beauty Filippa was first discovered on the streets of Paris when she was only 15 years old. French photographer Marc Hispard took a good look at the towering model - and from there, Filippa had a career that most beginner models can only dream about. At 16, she had her first major ad campaign with Ralph Lauren - and until now, she's still modeling for the label as the face behind the perfume "Romance" and the Ralph Lauren Collection.