Hottest Photos of Cameron Diaz!

If we had to describe Cameron in one word, goofy would be it. But that does not take away the fact that this long legged beauty with an infectious laugh is also** hot as a bonfire!**

This photo is a classic example of why Cameron can not only be bubbly girl next door but also a **sexy siren **when she wants. With that toned, worked out body and legs that could go on forever, she's got all of us women getting jealous for sure!

That is one intricate looking, interesting outfit! Cameron however manages to capture our attention over the outfit which is always a good thing! Though we cannot see most of her features, those scarlet lips are the star of the picture!


Sometimes words aren't enough to describe a picture. Hence the saying a picture says a thousand words. Cameron looks mesmerizing in this shot....the photographer has done a fabulous job of highlighting her best features and making her look even more stunning!

Cameron looks like she's has had a long, fun day at the beach in this picture. Ofcourse we'd like to believe that everyone could look like that after a day at the beach. For now the fantasy will suffice...:)


This picture is so **adorably beautiful **that we cannot get over it. That beautiful blond hair and those hypnotizing eyes that could leave anyone enthralled!

Which of these pictures of this sexy and funny star is your favorite?


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