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Hottest Pics of Charlize Theron

By Sheila

Charlize Theron has oodles of grace and sophistication along with legs that never end. She has an enchanting smile and an **amazing persona **that make her stand out no matter where she is or what she’s doing! She is simply put a lovely woman and a brilliant actress!
We are loving the exaggerated makeup with the smoky dark eyes and the very pink cheeks. It is not what we are usually used to seeing on Charlize which is why we love it even more. Very avant-garde! Very sexy!
Charlize looks like a hot babe on the beach in this one. All those shades of brown against the striking blue sky and her eyes….very earthy and beautiful!
One thing we cannot help but notice (and love) about Charlize are her long, perfectly toned legs. And that’s exactly why we love this shot. You can see some part of those legs but the rest is left to our imagination. We also adore that lovely dress. Super hot!
All we can think of is kinky school teacher for this shot! We love the Marylin Monroe kind of hairdo and that sexy outfit. You can almost never go wrong with a basic white shirt. And rest assured Charlize is on the other end of the word wrong!
Charlize looks flawless in this shot. Extremely soft and feminine and at the same time there’s a certain glow in her face that you just cannot miss. Especially in her eyes! They literally light up the screen.



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