4 Fabulous Emma Watson Photo Shoots ...

Who among young actresses today is as beautiful, classy, intelligent, and down to Earth as Emma Watson? She is, without a doubt, one of the acting talents today who will surely stand strong against the fickle-minded and cruel Fame. I don't know about you but I think Emma will make a great girl friend. Because wouldn't it be cool to be friends with someone elegant but unassuming? Imagine spending the day with her checking out local bookstores, drinking tea, and browsing fashion magazines. It doesn't hurt that she is friends with the crush-worthy and funny Rupert Grint, too. Lately, Emma has graced campaigns and magazine covers, showing that she can do more than act. Here are some posts that show her lovely photos.

1. Teen Vogue

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Photo by: Socialitelife

This is one of the most beautiful spreads I have ever seen. The clothes are divine. The setting looks like an English manor sprinkled with Lewis Carroll magic. Everything about these photos just screams amazing and beautiful. In this issue, she states that she might consider leaving movies, unless she finds a role that she feels strongly about. So I implore all directors and studio executives to give this girl wonderful scripts. Please.

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