Christina Aguilera: Russian Doll in Macy's Photos ...

I must say, this photo of pop singer Christina Aguilera is one eye candy. Shot in celebration of Macy’s 150th birthday celebration, Christina embodies the famous Macy’s Flower Shows. Celebrity photographer Mark Seliger **shot this one and as a photography fanatic (yes, people, I have a **Nikon DSLR! Woohoo!) I am dying to know all about the photo settings and features used for this one. Doesn’t Christina look like a **Russian doll **here?

Other celebrities invited by Macy’s to embody their other facets are Tommy Hilfiger taking on the Fourth of July, Martha Stewart personifying the holiday season, Donald Trump heralding the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Calvin Klein representing the Macy’s fashion portfolio.

“It’s been a privilege to collaborate with Macy’s for its 150th anniversary. And to work with such great talent, like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, who are icons in the fashion world, Christina Aguilera, who is one of the most important voices in popular music, and Martha Stewart and Donald Trump, who are just about as much of American icons as you can get - next to Macy’s of course.”

- Mark Seliger says
Lucky Mark. And lucky Christina to be able to don that very stylish skirt (which looks like paper at first glance, by the way) and pose among the lush flowers!

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