Paris Hilton's London Shopping Spree ...


Paris Hilton's London Shopping Spree ...
Paris Hilton's London Shopping Spree ...

OMG! I thought she was moving to **London **for good?!?

Apparently, 27-year old heiress Paris Hilton is coming back to the US after spending a month in London filming her reality TV show “**My BFF: British Best Friend**”.

So what did she do prior to leaving for the states? She went on a shopping spree, of course! The heiress hit the boutiques in Notting Hill with her well, BFF’s Lamis Khamis and Sam Pemberton of Secret Circus Clothing.

Earlier, Paris was spotted wearing the label’s $1,000 “Royal Highness” sweater. Want to know what Paris’ shopping list looks like?

Brace yourselves, here it is:

• Cashmere berets and wrist warmers

• A black “Lexi” top

• A $650 floor length blue silk chiffon “Saskia” dress

• A $698 short blue flapper “Fringe” dress

• A $430 tiered blue one-shouldered “Manhattan” dress

• A $470 little black “Garbo” dress

• A $630 pewter sequin “Twinkle” dress

• A pair of $312 Love from Australia classic black long Ugg boots

• Additional: more dresses and Secret Circus cashmere sweaters after a 2-hour long lunch!

Oooh-kay. I guess if you’re an heiress and you star in a stupid r**eality TV show**, you don’t know what the word **‘recession’ **means.

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