Brittany Murphy's Cause of Death Finally Released ...


Brittany Murphy's Cause of Death Finally Released ...
Brittany Murphy's Cause of Death Finally Released ...

I was terribly sad when, two years ago, the news reported that adorable and wildly talented Brittany Murphy had died. I've been a fan of hers when she starred on some obscure and very bad sitcom as a cute Southern teenager with an even cuter accent. She was probably my first ever girl-crush, and I saw her in Clueless, I was officially lost forever. It seems strange that two years have passed and her cause of death is only now being reported. TMZ claims to have the story, although I caught it from the Huffington Post. I'm not sure whether or not I should take it with a grain of salt.

The story goes that the star's mother is now saying that toxic mold is behind not only the death of her daughter, but also Brittany's husband. Simon Monjack died mere months after his wife, at a time when no one was at all sure what had caused Brittany's own demise. The entire situation was confusing and terribly sad – and in spite of the reports surfacing now, it is still confusing and sad.

At the time and in the two years since, Brittany's death was blamed on everything from pneumonia to the flu to an accidental overdose and even an eating disorder. It finally came to light that natural causes took her life, although I'm not sure if toxic mold falls under that category.

I'm just a little flummoxed, I supposed, since it seems that Brittany's mom is coming out now to get publicity for a current lawsuit. She wanted to sue the builders of her daughter's house before, from what I gather, but her lawyers advised her against it. So now she wants to sue her lawyers for talking her out of suing the builders. Yowza.

I'm not here to judge, though. I am here to say that I still miss the quirky, adorable life Brittany Murphy brought to any film in which she starred. Here's one of my favorite moments – from Sidewalks of New York rather than Clueless, as it happens:

What are some of your favorite moments, scenes, or performances from Brittany? And what do you think about this news?

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I just watched Ramen Girl for the first time and realized how much I miss her acting.

That was so sad :( I remember reading that it was caused by toxic mold shortly after her husband died though, so I don't know why it's coming out as news now ...

I loved her in Just Married <3 Always a favorite!

She was one of my favorite actresses. I loved her in Spun, escpecially the scene at the vet when she had on the tiny shorts and boots! She was fantastic in all her movies and was always so adorable!

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