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Pop Nosh Britney Spears' Quickie Break

By popbytes

britney spears took a break from rehab to go to an AA meeting and she left the umbrella behind...

everyone can rest a little easier today knowing beyonce didn't eat any hepatitis tainted food!

justin timberlake is going to be opening a restaurant in NYC where he'll serve babyback ribs!

is that an engagement ring on the finger of nicole richie or is it just a reminder to eat?!?

anna nicole's burial this week promises to be a very fitting & spectacular over the top event!

the osbourne HIV mystery has been solved - one of kelly's cousins is living with the disease...

jake gyllenhaal was in NYC for the premiere of his new flick 'zodiac' which looks pretty decent!

sohpie monk is on a new diet...the coffee and a pack of smokes one! she's still quite thin...

the AP wire tried to go for 1 full week w/o any paris hilton coverage and (surprise) they failed!

WTF?!? pete doherty went to the zoo where he tried to get the penguins high - what a lame loser!

here is a great round-up with a a ton of before and after plastic surgery celebrity pictures!

jen hudson turned down $3 million to star in movie because it had a nude scene (she wasn't in!)

simon cowell finally makes a statement regarding all the naughty antonella barba naked pictures

jessica simpson & john mayer continue their reign of fug couple terror! this time in NYC...

charlotte church - gosh she grew up so very fast and now she went and got herself knocked up!

patrick dempsey lands his adorable face on the cover of people magazine w/ his twin babies!

kate beckinsale was spotted out and her nipples left quite a lasting impression (on her shirt!)

check out this dress on paulino rubio! it looks so stiff that it could be made into a lampshade!

beth orton central reservation**beth orton** touch me w/ your love

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