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Britney Spears Going after Source of Rehab Leak

By Wendy

All that gossip from Britney in rehab was fun, right? Well, unfortunately it was a gross violation of her privacy and Miss Britney has decided to go medieval on the jackass that was leaking stuff:

Singer BRITNEY SPEARShas been granted a British court order preventing the UK press from printing allegations about her recent stay at a rehab clinic in Malibu, California.

Lawyers acting for the troubled TOXIC star at the High Court in London today (22MAR07) also applied for an additional order that would force British publications to reveal the sources of stories that detailed Spears’ stay at the Promises clinic.

A statement from Spears’ London legal team explains the singer "intends to challenge false allegations that have already been published". It goes on to explain that media outlets are being served the injunction "so as to assist them in not making the mistake of carrying out such further disclosures if approached by this person".

See, even though we know that our BritBrit will probably be back in rehab in oh, let’s say three weeks or so, it’s still not nice to leak stuff from somebody’s private ordeal. Or something like that.

Via Spears Granted UK Court Injunction ...

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