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Pop Nosh Britney Spears is Done W Rehab

By popbytes

britney spears is out of the promises rehab center which means it's time to hide your umbrellas!

did angelina jolie score two million bucks for the first pictures of her new son pax thien?!?

tara reid is planning on opening a restaurant called ketchup - i bet the bar will be well stocked!

an unhappy katie holmes is reaching out to her friend victoria beckham for maritial advice...

jenna jameson decided to speak up about her scary skinny appearance - she's blaming it on divorce

lindsay lohan landed the cover of GQ magazine with a hot spread shot before her stint in rehab...

oh i love me some 'on the street' fashions - i want someone to stop me and ask what i'm wearing!

the grammys should start looking now for their next ratings boost since it won't be mr. timberlake

here's something sassy for you...oh yes it's the incredible scarlett johansson side boob video!

last night it was the 'british invasion' on american idol - oh my gosh please let sanjaya go home!

naomi campbell has only two more days left of community service (until she smacks someone else)

oh my! kevin federline has his very own search engine where you can win stuff like a kfed shirt!

dallas austin said he was sorry to both christina aguilera and joss stone for the shit he talked

congratulations are in order for nicole richie who scored herself a brand new set of plump lips!

hilary duff confesses that she lost weight because of nicknames like the duff puff in the press

dina lohan contiunes to be a complete dummy - can someone please make her shut the fuck up?!?

elliot yamin wait for you**what the buck?** on top model!

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