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Britney's Security Pulls Gun on Photographer

By Jen

As Britney left a church service last week, a member of her security team threatened a photographer with a gun. The photog was attempting to snap photos of Brit, and the security dude freaked, because, you know, a photographer attempting to take photos of Britney Spears is such a rare and outrageous occurrence.

The undercover officer aimed his weapon at the paparazzi and shouted: ‘Get out of your car, get down’.

He then handcuffed him and accused him of trying to run over a traffic policeman before finally releasing him.

The incident happened as Brit, 25, left a service at a church in Hollywood.

A witness said: “When her 4X4 came out (police) officers stopped the traffic and let her go ahead and held paparazzi back.

‘One photographer tried to get past and suddenly two undercover security guards ran out into the street. The photographer looked terrified. It’s not what you expect to see outside a church service.’

Mike Hooper, executive director of the Bela Air Presbyterian Church, said: ‘One photographer was on the wrong side of the road and tried to run over an officer who had stopped traffic.

‘He kept coming and one of our guards pulled a gun out. I cannot speak for the security officer but he does not regret it. This is a church, not a concert.’

A bit unecessary I think, I mean its not like its unusual for Brit to be hounded by photogs.

Source: Celebwarship

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