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Celebrities from various hit TV Shows, including Emily Deschanel of Bones, Reggie Lee of Prison Break and many more, gathered today in Los Angeles to hold an emergency conference regarding the annual Canadian Seal Hunt that is set to start any day now. The conference also discussed global warming and the effects that it is having on the population of seals. “These seals cannot speak for themselves,” commented Deschanel, “so someone has to speak for them!”

Top members of the Humane Society of the United States also joined in the celebrity discussion via a conference call live from Canada where they are working actively to try and prevent the 2007 hunt. Pat Ragan; Director of the Protect Seals Campaign, Rebecca Aldworth; Director of Canadian Wildlife Issues and Dr. John Grandy; Senior Vice President of Wildlife were all present to thank the celebrities for joining with them to help stop the hunt and to help spread the word to the rest of the world about what measures need to be taken to put an end to the cruel and worsening issue in Canada.

As was coordinated last year with Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, the HSUS had originally planned to visit the ice in Canada for a press conference with Emily Deschanel. Because of the effects of global warming, the HSUS was unable to bring Deschanel to the seal location, a result of the dangerous conditions that make it impossible to stand upon the ice that has melted earlier than normal. Despite their busy filming schedules, Deschanel and other entertainers called for an emergency conference at Real Food Daily restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

Along with the hundreds of thousands of seals that die each year from the seal hunt, it is believed that hundreds of thousands of even more seal pups have recently passed from drowning in the melted ice caused by global warming. 97% of seals that are killed in the hunt are under 3-months-old, and the seals that drown in the melted ice are also pups that are not yet old enough to survive in the water. But still, the Canadian government will allow the seal hunt to go ahead, and seal hunters will club and shoot to death hundreds of thousands of the surviving seal pups to produce fur coats.

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