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Pop Nosh Courtney Love Drops 45lbs

By popbytes

courtney love is looking thin these days! she supposedly lost forty-five pounds in just 4 months!

damn - britney spears must have really screwed up her teeth! she was back at the dentist again...

christina aguilera had some trouble with her microphone while playing at madison square garden

i can't believe E! is asking people to pull down simple life promo shots - screw them & that show

will tara reid ever be able to overcome her crappy reputation? here she is around town and no bra

jenny mccarthy is debating whether she wants to have jim carrey's baby - standby for a bump alert!

jessica biel half naked makes for great comedy - maybe - this new movie could be total crap...

donatella versace is playing the role of protective mom! allegra's anorexia = not good times!

nicole richie is spilling the beans about all of her diet drama claims one tabloid magazine...

p diddy supposedly had sex for thirty hours - that's way too long - talk about being raw! yikes!

hmmm - i smell publicity - did jane pratt (editor of jane magazine) have sex w/ drew barrymore?!?

here's the scoop on the supposed love child of funny man chris rock - here comes more DNA testing

ms. halle berry reveals in a new interview with parade magazine that she once attempted suicide!

awwww - so adorable! check out the cute cover of gala magazine with pax thien and sister zahara!

new super odd couple alert - is rumer willis really dating hunky zachary quinto? gosh he's so hot!

this is so damn hot!!! check out a one minute clip of beyonce acting like a pussy (cat that is!)

sanjaya anthem ha!**what the buck?** does OC & PCD!

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