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Britney to Kevin "You're the Biggest Mistake I Ever Made" ...

By Jen

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have hammered out the details of their split, and it’s reportedly going to cost Brit $13 million. What’s more, Star magazine says that Spears was reluctant to finalize the split.

“Do you really want to do this?” Spears asked K-Fed as the two met to discuss final details of their divorce, reports to the upcoming issue of the tab.

K-Fed said yes, and his estranged wife replied, “You’re the biggest mistake I’ve ever made, but thank you for my babies.”

Then the two puffed on cigarettes for a 15-minute smoking break, then hashed out the financial terms of their split, according to Star.

The tabloid also claims that Federline led Spears to believe that the two would get together after she got out of rehab so because he wanted to encourage her to stay in the treatment center.

A 2004 pre-nup called for K-Fed to get:• $250,000 for each year of their marriage, but Spears upped that figure to $500,000 to speed up the negotiations.• He receives half the proceeds from their Malibu mansion, which is on the market for $13.5 million.• $25,000 a month in child support for each of the couple’s two children until they reach 18. He also gets custody of the boys four days a week.• Federline gets to keep all the gifts Spears bought them during their marriage.• He’s forbidden from writing a tell-all about their marriage.

What an expensive mistake!!

Source: Star

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