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Pop Nosh Britney's Tooth Needed Rehab Too

By popbytes

britney spears gave everyone a scare when she went to the hospital but it was just a tooth issue!

ok i was there and i didn't see this - thank heavens - bruce willis making out w/ courtney love!!!

maybe bruce was all hot for courtney because he had just seen her topless spread in italian vogue

not good times for donatella versace - her daughter allegra is now at 70lbs battling anorexia...

martin scorsese & leonardo dicaprio are teaming up again for the drama 'the wolf of wall street'

when celebrities attack...a drunk prince harry got into some sorta fight with one of the paparazzi

i'll admit that even i tuned in last night to see who would be america's next 'danny' & 'sandy'!

what?!? is this true?!? are britney spears & justin timberlake set to record a marvin gaye track?!?

yikes! james blunt & lindsay lohan?!? does his lady petra nemcova know about what's going on?

maureen mccormick best known as 'marcia brady' admitted she at one point had a cocaine habit!

the fashionable folks at trendmill sat down w/ the man behind highsnobiety - read the interview

anyone else excited for 'blades of glory'? check out some of the hilarious skating costumes...

sylvester stallone is all about making sequels for dead franchises - he's making another rambo!

honestly i'm starting to get sick of this gal - here's scarlett johansson pics from vogue magazine

it's official anna nicole smith died of a drug overdose (no big surprise there) rest in peace girl

star jones celebrated her 45th birthday in a bathing suit - there's pictures if you can bear it!

angelina jolie's sexy brother james haven breaks his silence about his sister & their family...

llama @ the dentist from sesame street**indigo girls** yield

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