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Britney Spears Tricks Paparazzi Sneaks out of Rehab ...

By Freddy

Britney Spears sneaked out of rehab by tricking the paparazzi stalking her every move, according to ExtraTV.

As Britney Spears quietly checked out of rehab in Malibu Tuesday night, she used a decoy to attend an AA meeting in the L.A. suburb of Topanga.

That’s right. Fresh out of rehab, the pop princess is already tricking the pesky paparazzi to enjoy her sobered freedom since checking out of the Promises treatment center.

She must have had some help. No way Britney’s smart enough to figure that out by herself.

Now, back to her career. She signs or something, I think.

And the man in charge of that comeback is four time Grammy nominee Sean Garrett, who told “Extra” that Britney expressing herself may help her to find herself again. “I’ll let her tell the story that she wants to be told to the world,” Garrett dished. “Basically my job is to just give her hit records.”

Why the hell anyone’s buying her crappy records, I dunno.

There’s more at the link about some Aunt who’s very concerned that Britney is a skanky ho on drugs, if you care. I couldn’t give a rip, to be honest.

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