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Golf Digest Disses the Donald

By steph

Golf Digest has cut Donald Trump’s posh Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach from its latest list of “America’s 100 Greatest Courses,” and the furious developer says he unfairly got the chop because he refused to advertise in the mag.

“Golf Digest is a disgrace to their profession. They should be ashamed of themselves,” Trump told Page Six. On its last list, Golf Digest, published by Conde Nast, placed the 27-hole West Palm Beach course on 200-plus acres at No. 84. This year it was banished, he said, as a result of a tense Nov. 28 meeting he had at Trump Tower with the magazine’s publisher, Thomas Bair.

“Bair came to my office and told me the only way I’ll get the ratings I deserve was if I advertised. I said, ‘No thanks’ and sent him on his way,” Trump recalled. “Can you believe it? The magazine had already told me that I have built the best new courses in this country in years - but then they say I have to advertise to make it in? It’s unbelievable.” Trump said Golf Digest honchos have also been down on him because he featured the editors of rival Golf Magazine in episodes of “The Apprentice.”

Bair refused to comment, but Golf Digest editor Jerry Tarde said of Trump, “I think he’s kidding. He knows it never happened. Nobody can buy their way on the list.”

Gold Digest flack Andrew Katcher said the ratings were tabulated from the opinions of 800 players, and insisted, “It just came down to the numbers and nothing that Trump International did wrong. In fact, Trump International missed by just a few hundredths of a point.”

Trump was further infuriated when he learned that Golf Digest had gloated about his course’s demise in a story pitch it made to Page Six. In that e-mail, Katcher crowed: “I suspect Mr. Trump will be extremely displeased when he learns of this . . . Depending on what he says, we thought this could be a fun - and potentially biting - piece.”

Trump responded to that: “They are using my name to try to get publicity for themselves. It’s despicable they send out a release to announce Trump is not on their list. For shame!” The club, where memberships go for $350,000 and up, was rated by Florida Golf Magazine as “the best course in Florida.”

(via page six)

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