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Tom Cruise Scientology Cult is Starting to Work against Him

By Wendy

He had to realize that this would eventually happen, right? Or is he even aware? Probably not. Too busy locking Katie, ahem, Kate, in the Scientology Sauna of Separateness. Or something like that.

TOM CRUISE’s forthcoming role as the attempted assassin of ADOLF HITLER has been slammed by member’s of the dead man’s family - because of the star’s Scientologist beliefs.

Descendants of German officer CLAUS SCHENK GRAF VON STAUFFENBERG - who mounted a plot to kill the Nazi leader on 20 July 1994 - have expressed fears new movie VALKYRIE will be used as a propaganda tool for the actor’s controversial religion.

COUNT CASPAR SCHENK VON STAUFFENBERG, Claus’ grandson, says, "I have nothing against him (Cruise) and can even separate his work from his beliefs in Scientology.

"But I and other family members are worried that the picture will be financed by the sect and be used to get across its propaganda. Unfortunately the family Stauffenberg can do nothing about this. My grandfather is a figure from history."

Does Scientology finance movies now? Or has that been going on and I’m just out of the loop?

Via Cruise Film Scientology 'Propaganda' Fears ...

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