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Pop Nosh Lindsay Talks to Her Dad ...

By popbytes

lindsay lohan talked to her loser dad michael on the phone - it basically boiled down to fuck off!

rose mcgowan deserves to be a red dress & carpet diva! she totally kicks major ass in 'grindhouse'

nicole kidman is once again being run through the baby rumor mill - is she pregnant or not?!?

ok the kiss on 'dirt' was pretty lame but the rest of the episode was awesome - gosh i loved it!

oh no! has angelina jolie been leading a double life? that's the subject of the latest US weekly

here's a look at the upcoming final harry potter installment! one of those characters needs to die

ever wonder what haute couture really means? trendmill has a great article on all the haute basics

goldie hawn looks fairly decent at the age of sixty-two but i think she should at least wear a bra

hilary duff finally crossed paths w/ her ex-bf joel madden while they were at the TRL studios...

mary weiland decided to come clean about her recent arson activities - she was just being bipolar

the kids clothing line being cooked up by posh beckham & katie holmes is just a cover for escape!

some of the kids that were featured on 'laguna beach' have had troubles - another one was busted!

the grindhouse brings all the girls to the yard! here's tons of pics from the red carpet premiere

donatella versace confirmed her daughter allegra is battling a very nasty & sad case of anorexia

vanessa minnillo continues to pound the pavements at lame events! gosh she annoys me!

paulina porizkova took the honor last night of being the 1st celeb booted from 'dancing with...'

comedy writer ken levine offers up his wit & commentary on last night's 'american idol' - oh sanjaya!

no doubt bathwater**what the buck?** on heather mills & tyra

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