Spencer & Heidi - Hated Reality Stars ...

hey i'm back and i passed my written test at the DMV - there were eighteen questions and i only got three wrong which allowed me to pass! (huge sigh of relief) anyways this week's **STAR** magazine has a little article about who are the most hated reality stars right now and in my opinion heidi montag and her loser boyfriend spencer pratt top the list! if you've been watching this season of the hills then you know what a total jerk mr. pratt is and heidi is a complete dummy for being with him - ugh they make me sick! oh i do hope they'll split up (maybe they already have?) so she can work on getting her friendship back on with lauren conrad who happens to be one of my favorite reality stars at the moment - she's a cool girl! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

"if they split, heidi can repair her friendship with lauren [conrad]," one fan tells star. and, apparently, spencer isn't making any friends in real life either. one report says that he can't get into any clubs in la, and that people come right up to him and verbally abuse him! it looks like spencer has taken over k-fed's reign as america's most hated, all by himself!

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