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Pop Nosh Britney Spears amp Her Baby Blues ...

By popbytes

phew! britney is not addicted to smack - it looks like it's just those wild & zany mommy hormones!

plus she has a new friend to help her cope - it's the always messy daniel baldwin to brit's rescue

has holly checked out hugh hefner's will lately? the clock & wedding bells are ticking together...

that wacky judge from florida larry seidlin will probably get his very own weepy television show!

eddie murphy already got into character for his next part where he'll be playing the sore loser...

just in case you're still not satisfied with all the oscar pictures - here's a whole bunch more!

ms. kim kardashian can rest easy at least for the time being...her sex tape release was delayed...

foxy brown got caught with her panties down around her ankles and now she's playing the race card

yikes! is howard stern really in financial type talks to hand over dannielynn to larry birkhead?!?

lindsay lohan who is freshly out of rehab for sure looks a bit lighter than when she went in...

two new reality stars coming to a TV near you...posh beckham & naomi campbell in their own shows!

did i miss something? when did jennifer love hewitt's boobs get huge? were they always like that?

shiloh-nouvel and sister zahara share a double stroller - they are so cute together - oh my word!

jesus martinez decided to apply for a blog job and ties it all into a ratty looking jessica simpson!

funny man ben stiller is the latest victim of all the hasty pudding good times over at harvard...

porn gal jenna jameson isn't looking so hot these days! gosh what will she look like in 10 yrs?!?

dreamgirls at the oscars!**what the buck?** on american idol!

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