Janet Jackson Message to Fans ...


Janet Jackson Message to Fans ...
Janet Jackson Message to Fans ...

Good news to all the Janet Jackson fans out there who’ve been worried about her recent spate of cancelled concerts.

The 42-year old singer appeared on the YouTube channel of Jermaine Dupri, Janet’s long-time boyfriend who she’s been going out with since 2002.

If you remember, Janet recently cancelled some of her recent concerts because of a migraine-induced vertigo.

The YouTube vid was shot backstage in Houston and in it, Janet assured her fans that she’s a lot better now. She also thanked her fans for the love and support that they offered when she wasn’t feeling very well.

According to TheInsider.com:

At the end of the video, the couple shot down a ridiculous rumor. Dupri said, "Baby, they say you broke up with me because I threw up on you!" "How lame is that," Janet replied.

I must say that it is lame to have rumors running around celeb blogs that you broke up with your long time beau just because you threw up on him – and not because you’re drunk but because you’re legitimately sick!

Anyway, it’s great to hear that Janet is back on her feet and she could go back to her “Rock Witchu” North American tour.

Photo Credit: The Insider

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