Oscar Rerun Best Actor in a Lead Role - Jeff Bridges ...


Oscar Rerun Best Actor in a Lead Role - Jeff Bridges ...
Oscar Rerun Best Actor in a Lead Role - Jeff Bridges ...

There aren't many movies that I like that are music icon based dramas. Sure the character isn't a biographical one, but that's not really the point. I didn't much enjoy Crazy Heart - specially considering he's a Country musician. But I can not deny that Jeff Bridges delivered a brilliant role to land him the Best Actor in a Lead Role award.

The movie follows the life of a run-down country star Otis Blake. At 57, Blake has left his hay-days far behind him and is now left to live nothing but a shell of his own earlier glamorous days. As he is going along with his life, performing at mid-scale events and living in motels, there comes along a journalist in the form of Maggie Gyllenhaal who is looking for a story. As she spends some time with him, she realizes that with no family (thanks to a spate of bad marriages), Blake is really living an empty life. As things progress, she starts seeing the man instead of the star in him and that is the start of their relationship. From here on, the movie takes us on a trip of Jeff's character rediscovering his life and his previous relationships with friends and proteges and the ups and downs that each of these relationships face.

He says: I'd have to say that this is the type of movie that I normally don't watch - but I happened to watch this with a couple of friends and I think the one thing that we did agree on was that every actor in this movie seems to have portrayed his/her character well!

She says: Finally! After having received four Oscar nominations in the past, Jeff Bridges really deserved to win this one. Fifth time lucky I guess!

Overall, unless you are a fan of country music or this genre of movies, I would suggest you watch the movie just to watch these brilliant actors bring to life their characters in the movie - and of course, none better than Jeff Bridges!

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I'll have to go watch this so much talked movie!! Any suggestions ??

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