5 Twitter Tibdits You Can Tweet Tonight...


5 Twitter Tibdits You Can Tweet Tonight...
5 Twitter Tibdits You Can Tweet Tonight...

Tweet to download a remix of one of Agnes Carlsson's songs. Agnes is pop singer you will want to get to know. Oh yeah, you can also win custom white beats.

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The list includes Lindsay Lohan and John Mayer. And yes, this should have Tila Tequila, too.


How Lindsay Uses Twitter

Okay, this is an example of just how much Lindsay abuses Twitter. Or how much Michael Lohan abuses the fact that there are always cameras pointed at him. This family is confusing.


Twitter now gives you a chance to see just what your fave celeb looks like while doing something private. Case in point: poor Donald Faison doing number 2. Sheesh.


Yes, that would be Conan. He's so freakin' funny and random. And how cool is it that he dropped in on Twitter HQ while on tour?

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Five Celebs Who Must Quit Twitter...hahaha! I love it! Sometimes I can't help but to think...TMI, TMI, TMI!!! :)

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