Fabulous Renee Cologne and Her New Glossy-Pop Album "Rock Roll Housewife"


Fabulous Renee Cologne and Her New Glossy-Pop Album "Rock  Roll Housewife"
Fabulous Renee Cologne and Her New Glossy-Pop Album "Rock  Roll Housewife"

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“She has a voice filled with the character and emotion of a true pop diva.” - this is how the art of the singer was described by Indie Music Explosion. Today, Renee Cologne, a profound and intriguing New-York artist, presents her new album “Rock & Roll Housewife” and opens her heart to the readers of All Women’s Talk.

Renee Cologne talks about:

- background of her new album “Rock & Roll Housewife”:

“I write about what occurs around me. I think there is nothing more moving, funny or poignant than everyday life. That is how the first song on the album “Know I Said” came to be. I was actually buying a dryer at Sears with my partner, when I realized that recently I had gone on a rant about not wanting commitment, needing to be free, etc - and there I was buying appliances with this person. Ha!”

“I say I don’t write literal songs, or stories, like country music lyrics for example, and yet, there is a kernel of truth in every lyric I write. Otherwise, how could it connect emotionally with people? But universal truths don’t have to be expressed in clichés. I think they can be communicated with some sense of originality, wonder and fun.”

“When I was younger, in many ways I lived the life of the tortured artist, complete with torrid affairs, my own personal shrink, and my psychopharmacologist on speed dial. I went through a very dark period - “Opposite Of”, my previous album, was the aural soundscape mirroring my inner machinations. As I’ve matured, different things matter to me now. I am more aware and interested in the world around me; I’m more balanced and happy. “Rock & Roll Housewife” reflects that change.”


**- “Rock & Roll Housewife” as a reflection of herself: **

“Well, I’m a new mom. My son is 3-months old! Now, I’m lucky if I remember to get dressed before I leave the house, lucky to get my precious latte before noon, and definitely don’t get chunks of time to record, exercise or anything else unless my angel babysitter is here. The day is dictated by Tristan (my son). If he’s awake, I’m totally with him. If he’s asleep, well then, I’m in “get it done” mode!”

“I AM a rock & roll housewife. The costumes and such that I love to perform in, well, let’s just say, I don’t wear those to the grocery store. I do wear my lime green platform shoes to water the lawn, but that’s just because I forgot I had them on that one time and then it became a habit. The persona on the record is just an extreme version of who I am.”

- love for adventure:

“I love to travel. But I am also a Capricorn and so an earth sign and a homebody. That dichotomy pretty much sums up a lot about who I am and what makes me tick! In another life, I might have been Karen Blixen in “Out of Africa” and lived on a farm in Zimbabwe. Who knows? I still might.”

“I am a bit of a control freak. I like to plan and know what is going to happen. But I also love adventure. Nothing better than bungee jumping to re-affirm one’s love of life. So, the thing I love about traveling is that you can’t possibly plan and know what is going to happen at every moment, so you have to surrender. And it’s in the surrender that wonderful things happen.”


**- preferences in fashion: **

“I love playing with patterns and textures, but not just for the sake of mismatching. Designers - love Alexander McQueen, wish he would make something for me! And Betsy Johnson always delights me. And of course, Prada. Other than that, as much as I love clothes, I HATE to shop, so I pick up what I like when I see it. And I usually buy two.”

**- favourite magazines: **

“I like Vanity Fair, Electronic Musician and House Beautiful, but I always feel pressure when I have subscriptions because I can’t keep up with reading them, so they just pile up and then I feel bad for killing the trees.”


- keeping in shape:

“You know, it’s always a battle. I love to eat, especially ice cream, it’s my weakness. Well, one of them. But I do keep active too and eat well, mostly, so hopefully it all balances out. In terms of diet, I eat a lot of fish, chicken, vegetables, salads. I try to eat things that have been alive, as opposed to things that are processed or manmade, carnivorous of me, I know, but healthier and more natural somehow.”

Personal message of Renee Cologne to the readers of All Women’s Talk :

“Do what you love, do it with panache and grace. Be an example in the face of people who don’t think like you do; in other words, in the face of people who are wrong :) Truly listen to other people, even when you don’t want to hear what they have to say. Be humble and grateful. Do all of these things standing on one high-heeled shoe and with a sense of humour. And most of all, many thanks to all who find a kindred spirit in my music.”


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