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Hottest Pictures of Scarlett Johansson

By Sheila

We have said time and again that we love Scarlet because she is the embodiment of ethereal beauty and brains. Few women can carry themselves with the panache that Johansson can. And that too at a young, tender age as hers. She has an irresistible sex appeal about her and if you don’t believe us, check out these pictures of this newly wed stunner ( here's wishing her and Ryan Reynolds all the luck in the world).
This picture is Scarlett in her true element. A stunning woman in a stunning dress! And the combination makes for one very stunning picture!
Smoky eyes= Smokin’ hot! Scarlett can carry off any look…. And by any, we really mean ANY! We’re loving those stunning eyes, the pouty lips and the slightly unruly hair. Perfect example of why messy can be sexy!
Doesn’t Scarlett look like the embodiment of an angel in this picture? So serene, so quaint, so beautiful... Some pictures don’t need an elaborate set up to be just right. Their **simplicity makes them perfect **and that is exactly why we love this picture!
Question: Put Scarlett in an ordinary room and take a picture and what do you get?

Answer: A gorgeous picture that’s slightly quirky yet extremely sexy!

Question: How does she do it?

Answer: Hmmmmmm….We wish we knew! We really do!
Oh my my my! This one is our favourite of the bunch and do we have to say why. Scarlett oozes sex appeal in that gorgeous yellow dress. We are LOVING the short dark hair on her. **And with those **piercing eyes and long legs….we really don’t have much else to say.

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